Union Square in the Morning

I am not a morning person, but I can’t deny, there is a certain calmness and peacefulness that exist in the mornings.  Especially in the city, I notice the blatant absence of traffic, busy stores, and people shuffling to their destination.

Instead, I hear birds, whispers of the sole person walking, tires slowly turning on an empty street.  It makes me want to do yoga, meditate or do tai chi in the park.  Alright, not really the last one because that’d turn out to be more humorous than zen-like, but it does make me love morning photoshoots!

Last weekend, Jo and Meilani met me early morning in Union Square where they had coffee and hot cocoa, shopped, walked around, and laughed at the long line outside the Apple store — heh heh.  It was such a nice morning, minus the two (hmmmm, what’s the politically-correct term… housing-challenged?) belligerent people whom we ran into along the way.  One was wearing a jacket on top and see-through tights on the bottom…and nothing else.  Such is life in the big city!  🙂

Check out this urban mother and daughter shoot in downtown San Francisco…

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