Urban Baby

I had my 7th photoshoot in about 2 weeks.  It is all so exciting because every shoot is completely different!

My shoot this morning was an urban shoot.  It was a funky fresh family:  the dad, Ty, is a business guru by day and rocker by night.  The mom, Karen, is artsy and stylish in every way.  And of course, their baby Vida is a combination of it all:  she’s a hip/stylish/sweet/rocker baby!

So a couple months ago when we spoke about doing a photoshoot, I suggested something more unique for them.  Going to a park or a garden wasn’t going to cut it.  So I thought it’d be cool to have sweet little 17-month old Vida in the grungy Mission District.  Her porcelain white baby skin against the colors of the murals would be amazing.

Here are some of my favorites to share…

This is a sweet photo of mom and daughter cracking up!

Grabbing for flowers.

I stuck my camera into the tree for this shot.

Flying Vida and Her Little Tongue.

Mural Art.

Family on the new age swing.


My absolute favorite shot of the family.

I love how Ty is between the mural wall and a flowering plant, how Karen and Ty are looking at each other and sharing a moment, the lighting is soft, and the alley location is so interesting.


Every time I look at these 3 photos, I CRACK UP!!!

I would literally fall onto the floor and roll around in laughter if I didn’t think my floor has surprise food bits on it from my 21-months old son!

Frame 1:  Innocent Baby Vida

Frames 2 & 3:  KA-BAM!  The Leaping Loonies!

So once I took a few shots of them jumping, I realized just how high they were leaping, so I aimed my camera lower to get a different effect… just revealing their legs in the air!

Got Air?

This could be a Red Bull ad:  “Red Bull gives you wings!”

Warning:  These stunts were made by professional leapers.  Attempt these stunts at your own risk. 😉

Urban Baby V.

I love Vida’s entire outfit, but I especially like the photo on the right because you can tell Vida’s developmental stage by how she uses her hands to get up.

I really appreciated that Ty, Karen and Vida went forward with the shoot despite the damp, foggy weather… and mostly, I appreciated how they were great sports for leaping for me!  (I had envisioned those leaping photos with Vida in the middle of the alley for months!!!  It is so cool to finally take them!)

Today’s shoot was great fun.  I laughed through most of it.  🙂

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