Urban Family Photography: Energy

There is something special about the Y Family and I finally know what it is…

They give off a warm energy, like a light.  (And you know how I LOVE light!!!)

Maybe it’s because Priti and Rachad act like they are on an engagement shoot every time I see them.  Or maybe it’s the perfect smiles that are always present on their faces or their sparkling eyes that light up when they talk about their baby girl.  Or how they are willing to do anything to have fun during their shoot and don’t care if other people are watching!

Whatever it is, it makes me want to skip and dance!  They give off this great energy, and it is contagious.  🙂


What I heard throughout the shoot was:  “She is never like this!”

Throughout her shoot, Maya would stop to let me photograph her.  Do you think it’s because she remembers me from her first shoot when she was 10 months old?!!  heh heh.


An Escape


Sitting Pretty

At every turn, Maya gave me a fantastic “photo opp”.  And at the end of the shoot, she gave me a kiss on the cheek! 

Yes, indeedy!  I am the luckiest photographer in the World! 🙂



There are a few things I always notice on a shoot.  Heck, I notice them everywhere I go…it’s a gift AND a curse!

I notice the light, graphic lines and patterns, and reflections.

In this shot, the light is what drew me in, but it is the reflection that sold me.  All of that, along with the adorable play between Rachad and Maya makes this image just too precious!


An Editorial Fave



Not that I want to take photos of kids crying, but it’s what happens afterwards or what happens around them while they’re crying that is interesting.


Funniest Shot of the Day


Graphic Interest



Maybe her mom should’ve named her Gorgi(ous) instead of Priti! 

Yes, I know I’m cheesy when I blog at night!  I can’t help myself.


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