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Do you have wall space that you’d like to put artwork on, but you haven’t done it yet because you don’t know where to begin?  Or you have so many photographs that you can’t narrow them down?  Or you haven’t been able to coordinate the frames with the photographs?

Well, do I have an idea for you!  Create a wall gallery with Standout Mounts!

Choose to Mix Them Up or Keep Them All the Same

You can combine dimensions and create your own visual lines, as I did here with standout mounts in sizes 8×10 to 16×24.  Or, you can create a more symmetric pattern with the same dimensions, such as three 16x20s side-by-side.

(Tip: Objects typically look better in odd numbers.)


No Frames Necessary

One of the cool benefits of using standout mounts for your wall art is that you don’t have to coordinate frames with your images.  Plus, you don’t have to get custom size frames or limit how you can display your photo by fitting it into a standard frame size.

For instance, most photos would look better as an 8×12, but the standard frame size is 8×10, which means something critical in the image would need to get cropped!  Or, you could stick to the image size you want, but it would require custom framing, which can equal jaw-dropping prices!

With standout mounts, you can get the dimension that fits your photo best!  In the example below, the image looked best as a 10×20.


Metallic All The Way

I decorated several walls in my home with standout mounts, and I selected Metallic Paper for all of them.

I advise pretty much all of my clients to choose Metallic.  Well, now you see that I practice what I preach!  🙂

Metallic Paper gives images that extra “pop” while giving colors vibrancy and BxW images more dimension.


Ready To Hang

Standout Mounts that you order through me will come ready-to-hang.  The back will have holes to hang on the wall with nails.

My preference is to use Command strips, which allow for slight adjustments without ruining your walls!  I am crazy about these little strips!  They made hanging up my 20 (yes, 20!) standout mounts so easy and fast!


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Contact me for pricing of sizes not listed.  Almost any size you need is available!  I just listed the most popular sizes, so the product list is more manageable.

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