Wedding Portraits 5 Years Later

The T. Family wanted to celebrate their anniversary today by taking photos where they took their wedding portraits 5 years ago!  The only difference — and they are 2 small ones — is they now have little Ian (3 yrs old) and Nolan (just turned 1)!

A funny fact is that Winnie and Jeff got married on the same day and year as me and my hubs!  And we both have 2 kids, and one of them is named Ian!  Weird, eh?

Okay, so Winnie and Jeff are the nicest people, and Winnie and I got along like we were old College buddies!  It was fun shooting them.  Their kids were great too.  And poor Nolan had to skip a nap.

We went to 2 locations, but I found that my favorites were mostly at our second location because there was better lighting and more space to move around.  City Hall (our first location) had poor lighting since it is ginormous and was over populated with tourists and wedding parties.  It is one of the most beautiful buildings in San Francisco, but just not the best for shooting portraits without some serious lighting equipment and reserving the space.

Here are some of my faves from today…

My Favorite Family Shot

The lighting is perfect here, yet the shadows from the columns make this photo interesting.  I also like the pop of colors from the family’s clothing.  (They changed several times.)


Cuddles with Nolan

The colors against this muted wall makes this sweet hug so much more than just a photo of a hug.  It is so pretty.

I love that Winnie has her eyes closed and is just taking in the moment, and Nolan is looking directly at me.


Playing With Dad

Seeing Ian and his dad, Jeff, play together was so heart-warming.  Dads play with their kids so much more physically than us moms, and it’s so nice to watch.

In this photo, Jeff is giving Ian a piggy-back ride, but they also wrestled on the grass and played soccer.  What a cute family.


Hey, That Doesn’t Go There!

It cracks me up that kids find simple things humorous!  Ian thought it was hilarious to put his soccer ball where it didn’t belong.

I also love this shot because of the worn down wall.  The patterns and colors of the wall with the bright colors of Ian’s ball and jersey balance out.


A Mother’s Look

I spotted this window with fantastic light and knew I wanted to get a silhouette shot here.  It was dark where we were, so this was a natural silhouette.


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