Week Old Twins

Georgia and Lia were born 7 days ago!  They only weigh 4.9 lbs and 5.1 lbs.  Yep, they’re teeny tiny and so precious!

I feel so honored when I do a newborn shoot because the first couple weeks — and sometimes longer — is an adjustment period for the family.  So to invite someone into your home isn’t always easy, especially when you’re sleep-deprived!  So, thank you, K. Family, for inviting me into your home to take photos of your gorgeous girls!

Introducing Lia and Georgia


Our healthy and gorgeous momma, Lisa, whom I took maternity portraits of a few weeks ago, was on bedrest for a good portion of her pregnancy, so it is really amazing that she kept these babies cooking for 36 weeks!  (Click here to see photos from Lisa’s maternity shoot.)

The Proud Parents


Lia, Georgia and George’s ear

George made a comment about how he loved a photo of Lisa that I took from their last shoot, but his ear was in it.  So this one is for you, George!  Tee hee.

(I do like this photo though, which is why it made it into my blog!  I think Lia is thinking about how to solve our economic crisis!)


Boxer Babies

I love this photo because of Georgia’s expressive hands around her face and the twins’ legs intertwined.

Before Lia (on the left) fell asleep, she kept punching Georgia in the face.  I think Georgia’s hands are up to defend herself, like the way boxers do.  😉


The Cutest Baby Part

I love baby feet!  Seeing Lia kick her feet up on the edge of this basket was a moment I had to capture!

Lia reminds me of my Melia when she was a newborn because she didn’t curl up in fetal position as expected, but rather was more comfortable all spread out!


Asleep in Daddy’s Arms

Watching a sleeping baby — especially when it’s your own baby — is THE most peaceful thing in the World to see!

I love this photo because of how Lia folded her arms to her chest and the soft window lighting.  Just beautiful.


Think Fast

Baby and newborn shoots test how quickly you can think on your feet because you can’t control what they do, and expressions and positions can last only seconds.

Some surprises from today:

1)  Even at 7 days old, these twins didn’t have the “newborn curl” where they sleep with their legs pulled into their body.  Also, Lia was pretty active, so there were some set-up shots I wanted to do with them that we had to skip.

2)  The best newborn attire is their birthday suits, and well, being naked can trigger babies to go!  Let’s see… I think there were 2 poops and 3 pee sessions during our shoot, which meant several clean-ups and prop changes.  I think this is inevitable with naked babies.  Plus, with 2 babies of my own, I’ve been peed and pooped on before, so this was no big deal.  I just felt bad for Lisa and George for all the extra work they needed to do!

Yin and Yang

I absolutely love this shot of the girls in the bowl.  The head-to-feet position and the circular bowl makes them look like a Yin and Yang symbol!

The photo may appear as though they are sleeping and relaxed, but they were wiggly and Lia kept kicking Georgia in the head.  And there was also some peeing, but hey, they’re in a bowl, so everything was contained!  🙂


Salad, Anyone?

The bowl shots are my favorite set-up twin shots, so here’s another one because I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite — the color one above or this sepia one.

I am a photographer who likes to keep things natural, so I don’t bring studio equipment, artificial lighting or background sheets to an indoor shoot.  It’s just me, my cameras, some lenses, and a couple accessories.  I use what’s available to me.

For a shoot that takes place inside someone’s home, I will walk around their house to find the best areas for photos.  Since our shoot started at 7:00am due to scheduling reasons, there was only good light in 2 areas:  the nursery and one corner of the dining room.

So this salad bowl was a perfect prop because they were on the dining table!


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