Welcome to the ‘burbs

What can be better than to celebrate a big move from the city to the suburbs with a photoshoot avec moi?  I can’t think of anything!  🙂

This Redwood City family was ready for a lifestyle photoshoot in their new suburban home.  They unpacked in lightening speed and their home was photoshoot-ready.  Giddyup!

Here are a few images that caught my eye from today’s shoot…

Ivy Wall

I fell in love with this ivy wall when I first saw it — the colors, the textures — and wanted so badly to use it as the backdrop for some family shots.  It didn’t quite turn out the way I’d hoped bec the kids didn’t want to hang out by a wall.  Oh, c’mon!  Isn’t an ivy wall fun for kids?!!  😉

Anyhow, I love this one!

I intentionally put Kathy and Gaby at the bottom of the frame, so the ivy would have more presence in the image.  I like the way Kathy is looking at Gaby as she walked away with her toddler curiosity.


Rock On!

Mateo (4 1/2) climbed up onto the play structure and shouted as loud as he could, “ROCK ON!!!!”  No kidding!


Another Perspective

The obvious perspective when shooting a parent pushing her child on the swing is to see the child’s face.  Alright alright, I did that too, but only after taking this one!

I noticed the glowy warm light that reflected off Gaby’s white shirt as Kathy leaned in to push Gaby.  The reason how I know the light was from Gaby’s shirt was because Kathy’s face only lit up when Gaby came close to her.  There’s a double meaning there, don’t ya think?  (Yes, I can be a big Cheeseball!)


The Beauty in Not Smiling

Photos of kids smiling naturally are great, but I also love photos of them when they are not smiling! You can see what their faces look like in their natural state.

With 2-year old Gaby, you can see the shape of her beautiful pouty lips and her round cheeks.


Being Themselves

These siblings couldn’t be more different in personality!  It was so interesting to watch.

Mateo played music on his alligator music player on and off throughout the entire shoot.  We thought of 99 different games to try to get him away from this gator!  He didn’t care much for taking photos.  And Gaby was loving the camera!  Just look at her hamming it up for me!




Kathy and Kenny probably thought I was taking a photo of them, but I was focusing on Gaby, who was so cute when peeking around her mommy at me!



I found this perspective very interesting.  And the way Mateo was holding his head let his eyes catch some of the light.  You can also see that his hands are busy playing with something as you rarely see a 4 1/2 year old boy sit and do nothing!


Some Favorite Family Shots

I absolutely L-O-V-E this one.  It makes me smile when I look at it!


Here’s a more classic family portrait side-by-side with an editorial one.  One tells a story while the other shows everyone’s gorgeous faces!



Let me end this sneak peek with some funny shots of the day.  The last two actually made me laugh out loud, like a crazy person!

Why oh why?


No Kisses

What do you do when your child doesn’t want to be kissed?  Have BOTH parents kiss him!  I knew Mateo’s facial expression would be priceless, hence my suggestion to torture him with kisses!


Silly Dancing

This is Kenny and Kathy getting the kids’ attention and encouraging natural smiles!  Luckily no one had a camera to shoot me doing my silly dance!


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