What Am I Doing Here?

I love having the kind of clients that make me forget what I’m doing there.  What?!!  I’m not here just to catch up and have fun?!!

This weekend’s San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle family photography session was just like hanging out with old friends, except that I was shooting along the way!

The thing that made me laugh the most — and I’m talking about laughing so hard that my belly ached — was that the parents, Ellen and Edward, were the silly ones in the family!  It was like they reversed roles with their kids.  Ellen and Edward were the ones who wanted to play-fight, the ones who wanted to goof around and do things to have a great laugh!

I wanted to share a few images that made me swoon from that home shoot…

Thank you, E & E, for welcoming me into your new home.  Your house is spectacular and your family makes it even more beautiful.

And hey, don’t be surprised if you see me at your front door with some bags.  I may just want to stay over next time!  😉



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