When Close-Ups are a Bad Idea

With so many large zoom lenses and powerful macro lenses out there, I thought I’d give examples of when shooting up close and personal can be a bad idea… just to shake things up a bit!

I’ll even take images from my recent trip to Washington as an example.  They say it’s good to make fun of yourself once in awhile, don’t they?!!

Serious photographers, please note:  I am sure macro photography of just about anything, even spit, can be artistic and beautiful.  This post is more in the spirit of fun.

**When Close-Ups are a Bad Idea**

I am Long, I am Strong, I am Unbreakable

(That’s the drool talking!)


Apparently, Animals Drool Too


Holy Cow!

Now I see why.


**When Close-Ups are a Good Idea**

For comparison’s sake, here are a few images from my trip to show when close-up shots are a good idea….

Alice In Wonderland Mushrooms


Rain Puddle

It may seem odd that I photographed a puddle in the driveway, but I find this shot to be eerily mesmerizing. There is just enough detail in this image to know what the weather is like that day and get a sense of the environment.


Antique Buddha

Like a portrait of an older individual, this Buddha statue has wisdom and history in every distinctive crack.



Oh, c’mon.  That’s funny, right?!!

I can find something interesting to photograph in just about any reflective material!


Photography Tip:  Macro photography, or just shooting up close, is a great idea because it gives you an interesting perspective and incredible detail.  Just make sure you actually want to see the details of your subject matter!

I know I learned my lesson:  no more close-up shots of cows eating apples.  I am still trying to erase that memory from my mind.  🙂

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