WOOHOOO — An Award!

I just got a call…

I was chosen for the Heidi Mauracher Award!  It is given by Professional Photographers of California and Golden Gate School of Professional Photography!


I am very excited (if you couldn’t tell).  🙂


It was based on overall achievement, not from a specific photograph.  I have included a photograph from a recent shoot just for fun since this is a photo blog.

**ADDENDUM ON MAY 13, 2009**

With the Heidi Mauracher Award, I got a scholarship to attend Golden Gate School, which is a 3-day school that is held once a year by the PPGBA (Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area).  The only mention of my award was in the daily newsletter…


Not a lot of glory and recognition, but hey – I got to pick my class, which would’ve normally put me out $700, and I was in the BEST class!  Lighting with Andre Costantini!

Plus, I feel honored to have received the award because Heidi Mauracher sounded like a great person and photographer… someone I would’ve loved to meet and draw inspiration from.  Thanks to everyone at GGS and PPGBA!  This was a fabulous experience.  I learned a lot and had a TON of fun — and isn’t fun what life is all about?

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