A Day in the Life: the S Family

Today’s family photography session was in the concrete jungle of San Francisco.

I am fortunate enough to photograph the S Family every year, and this year, they wanted to do something purely lifestyle.  It was more like “A Day In The Life” kind of shoot.  We talked about it since last year.  Yep.  Lili is a planner.  She’s my kind of woman!  🙂

Here is a tiny slice of the S Family’s life on a typical Saturday….

Getting Coffee



Making Silly Faces Whenever the Mood Strikes!


Waiting For the Train


“Hmmmm….the train isn’t coming.  Wait, I think there’s an App for that!”


Riding the Train



Playing on the Beach

San-Francisco-urban-family-photography-preschooler-boy-with-bucket-at-the-beach San-Francisco-urban-family-photography-mom-placing-bucket-for-son-at-the-beach

The Funniest Series of the Day

The expression on Eddie’s face as he watched Lili run and launch towards him actually hurts my stomach from laughing so hard!!!

I don’t think he quite knew what she was going to do… and neither did I.  But from their expressions, I could tell that SOMETHING was about to happen.


OMG, I just love them!!!

I felt like I was photographing four kids today because everyone’s focus was having fun.

The S Family have a zest for life and that makes shooting their “A Day in the Life” so much fun for me too! 

(Lili and Eddie, you know I love you guys, right?!!!)


[Here are their previous shoots, just for kicks:  The Tunnel of Love, Urban Mama and If I Go Into Labor with Googlebear!]

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  1. Ha ha ha! You kind of put us on the spot there. I had to get creative and the only thing I could think of was that…. Turned out really funny 🙂 My favorite of this bunch are the silly faces agains the blue garage door and the one waiting for the rain. What a fun morning we had. Didn’t even feel like we were on a photo shoot. We love you Annie! Till next year…

  2. Lili! You are a great high jumper. I think if Eddie’s arms weren’t there to catch you, you would’ve landed on his shoulders!!!! hahahaha! 😀

    I love that blue door. It provides such a beautiful pop of color and great contrast with your family. If you like that one, you’ll love the series. There were several of those that will make it into your gallery.

  3. Priti Youssef

    Love these pics…esp the ones of Eddie and Lili on the beach! Annie, you are a genius!