A San Francisco Shoot: Indoors & Outdoors

I absolutely love seeing families I’ve been shooting for a few years!

To see my clients’ children grow up makes me feel like Auntie Annie instead of just their Photographer.  And seeing my clients again is like a fun catch up period with friends!

I am so lucky to have such awesome clients.  They make me excited to get up at the crack of dawn and lug heavy equipment around for a couple hours!  🙂

[Click here to see the Y. Family’s shoot from July, 2009.]

I Heart San Francisco


“Disrupting Wildlife”

Annie Tao Photoshoot Leniency Act 14a:  Let kids chase nature to get the right shot!  😉


Smokin’ Hot

One of my favorite shots of Edward.  He has a great profile and so does his son, Griffin!

The wall behind them makes this photo especially intriguing.  (You know I love patterns and textures!)  The tear design looks like Edward is smoking, which of course he is in this photo!  🙂


Fave Outdoor Family Shots

Alright, these are just a few of my favorites!

[FYI to Photographers: I slightly overexposed the outdoor images because it was a typical overcast day in the city.  I also gave it a nudge more saturation — set in my camera, not post-production — to make my images pop despite the gloomy weather.]


So sweet and natural…


Lines, Patterns and Curves, Oh My!

The wide angle accentuates the arc of the path and elongates Edward’s back leg.  Together with the curve of Edward’s back makes this a “Wow” image for me.


Fave Indoor Shots

The delicious light and Griffin’s expression made me stop at this photo when I was flipping through all the images I took from today!


I composed this tight shot so Ellen and Edward act as visual “bookends” to their adorable children.


Ah yes, another Annie Tao Photoshoot Leniency Act:  Give children candy if it will look good on film!  🙂


A Quiet Beginning

This is one of the first photos I shot this morning, so it was a quiet stroll with no playing or goofing around.

I love that Ali is looking outside and Ellen is gazing adoringly at her daughter.


Funny Moments

An Upside-Down Griffin Cake!


It’s too loud!


I never knew candy could taste so…. icky!


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