Back in the Bay

Yesterday, I was reunited with a sweet family who had their first shoot with me over 3 years ago when they were visiting from Los Angeles.

The T Family are now Bay Area residents (woooohooooooo), so I was lucky enough to see them again and photograph their family as they embark on a new journey with a new home and Baby #2 on the way!

One of the many things I loved about this East Bay Lifestyle Family Photography session was how the T Family “get me” and my style of photography!  Michele has been following my blog for years.  She even knows how to look out for “good light”.  Did I mention that I LOVE her?!!  🙂  The shoot was relaxed and that made it fun for Kate…and thus, fun for everyone!

Reading at Home

Taking a Walk

Or was it a run?

Kate thought it was fun to chase after me when I ran ahead.  (I was trying to get a photo of the family walking together.)  Love her ponytails swinging in the air and her facial expression… oh, and her Easter basket!

“Where The Wild Things Are”

Alright, it was more that Kate was showing her parents how muddy her feet were, but her body language reminds me of that book!

Big Hug

I love how tight Al held his beautiful pregnant wife… a detail worth capturing!

Kate, Mommy and Baby

The best part of this shot is that it happened naturally.  I was actually shooting Michele (solo), so telling Kate she needed to play somewhere else only made her want to be a part of it!

(I’ll need to remember this reverse Psychology in my next shoot with them – tee hee.)

Playing at the Park

This is my favorite editorial shot of the day.

It was a very crowded park and The T Family just hung out, like they would any other Saturday.  Instead of shooting up close, I decided to move back in order to capture their environment.  This way, the image captures a slice into their daily lives, which is a beautiful story.

I love the light, the parents’ relaxed expressions, and even the girl in the background who was in mid-swing!

Rainbow of Light

This photo makes me gasp!  Just.  So.  Beautiful.


[Click here to see The T Family’s first shoot at the Ferry Building back in May 2009.]

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