Natural Family Fun

Every time I see the F family, there is always a lot of natural family fun!

Last year, they walked around a lake, threw rocks off a hill, balanced on logs, climbed vertically up poles, and jumped rope!

That was a long list, huh?!!

Today’s shoot was no different.  And with natural fun, there was lots of love.  I could feel it… and you can see it on their faces!

Swinging from a Tree


Climbing and Running

Man, I love these kids!  I think of them in between their family shoots.  I really do!


Leaves of 3, Let it Be!

Thank goodness Alex spotted these early on!  There was poison ivy EVERYWHERE.

(By the way, I took this shot to show my 6 year old who asked me about poison ivy after she read a book about it.  However, I decided to include it in the sneak peek because, as it turns out, there are nice contrasts in the shot — from colors to textures.  Who would’ve thunk-ed?!)


Three Happy Faces

Or is it six?  😉



A happy grandpa and tasty light make a powerful combination!


The Family Tree

That is one seriously cool tree!  Now if I can only figure out a way to take that home with me for other shoots…


Petting Snowy

Yep, you read correctly… their black dog is appropriately named “Snowy”!  heh heh.

This shot made it as one of my faves because of the motion blur from Keiko petting Snowy.  I also love the content expression on Snowy’s face.


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