Newborn Photography: Ellie at 3 Days

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Here is an incredible timeline:

Friday 11/16: Ellie’s Due Date

Thursday 11/29: Ellie’s actual birth (Notice this is 2 weeks after her due date!)

Saturday 12/1: Ellie left the hospital

Sunday 12/2: Ellie had her Newborn Shoot!!!!

As anyone would expect, Michele (Ellie’s mommy) and I were pretty enthusiastic about Ellie’s arrival, so we had her photoshoot as early as possible.  Rain or shine.  And trust me, it RAINED HARD!  (So hard that my other 2 shoots were rescheduled!)

My Youngest Client Ever

Let’s get to the good stuff.  Meet Ellie, my youngest client ever, and her very proud and loving family….

I love the color and texture contrast.

I don’t think any woman is supposed to look THIS good 3 days after giving birth!

Oh my goodness.  Ellie has the poutiest pink lips ever!

With Ellie’s birth, Kate is now a Big Sister!  Woot woot!

Now this is pure joy and love!

Ellie is dreaming of cold milk or that she is trapped in a Tundra!  hee hee.

Okay, she hopefully doesn’t feel that cold.  Al and Michele kept the rooms toasty for Ellie.  I do wonder what babies dream about to produce these great faces though!

Michele’s first full day home with Ellie meant she could focus on all of Ellie’s amazingness!  (I’m making that a word!)

Christmas came early for the T family.  Or is it that Thanksgiving came late?!!  Either way, Ellie is a precious gift of love.

[Click here to see photos from Michele’s Maternity Shoot from this September or their very first shoot with me from 2009!]

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