Newborn Tara

Being able to hold your baby in your arms after growing it inside your body for three quarters of a year is one of the most wondrous things you could experience.  Ever.  It is one of those experiences that you can’t describe or have explained to you.  It’s a feeling that is so powerful that sometimes, you feel washed with emotion.  This is true for fathers too.  And grandparents.

It is an honor to be able to photograph the delicate nature of a newborn and the emotional complexities of adding another person into a family, as I did this weekend for Arezou, Pedram and baby Tara.

Check out this newborn’s gorgeous full head of hair and THE longest lashes.  Tara was very alert for being 2 weeks new.  And she most definitely gazed knowingly at her mother’s face and felt soothed by her father’s trance-like face massage.  🙂

Thank you, Pedram and Arezou, for welcoming me into your home and letting me photograph your life now as a family of three.  <3  ~annie

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