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First Baby

I did a shoot of Dave and Winnie’s newborn 16 months ago:  Colby.  Below is one of Colby’s newborn shots I took in September 2009 and of the entire family.

Did I mention Colby is a canine baby? 🙂


New Baby

Sabrina is Dave and Winnie’s newest baby.

Now Sabrina isn’t as hairy as her older sister, Colby, but she is just as darling!  Some may even argue she is cuter, but let’s not create sibling rivalry, alright?!!


I love looking at the 2009 and 2011 family photos together!  You really see how the family has changed.

Some Darling Moments

Winnie is into baby clothes and costumes, so part of the shoot was of just Sabrina.  Winnie and Dave will have to wait to see those in their gallery, but I’d like to share a few special moments that I caught yesterday…

Dad and granddad changing Sabrina into her next outfit.  Isn’t that light moody and delicious?


Sabrina is one of the happiest babies I’ve met.  Here she is exemplifying that!  In fact, I think she’s giving us a little dance number!


High Five


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