Owen and Stella

This handsome little boy, Owen (3 yrs old), is in my daughter’s preschool class.  This morning’s shoot was focused on him and his younger sister, Stella (1.5 yrs old).

Here are some of my favorites from this morning…

In this photo below, the focus is on Owen’s big brown eyes.  And the balloons give this photo a nice “pop” of color.  (Pun intended!)


There’s something about this angle, Owen’s smiling face, the trees speckled with sunlight, and the hint of balloons (but you don’t see an entire balloon) that make this image so refreshing to look at!


Intense concentration!


I can hear the commercial now….   =:)

“Leather Mary Jane shoes… $45.  Baby Gap sundress… $58.  Latex balloons… $4.  Facial expression with a cute itty bitty tongue… PRICELESS!”


I love this photo!  I think it’d look fabulous printed onto stretched canvas and hung on a large wall.

It’s the combination of:  the sharpness of her gorgeous eyes, the softness of her baby fine hair, the bright swirl of red and the crunchy earth surrounding her!  The lighting is amazing here too.


Just by looking at Stella’s expression, you can almost hear her!  🙂


A fresh shot of the siblings…

Stella was reaching up to catch a ball, and Owen leaned in and gave his sister a little kiss.  It was a tender moment caught on my camera!


Today was the hottest day of the year (so far).  I love that you couldn’t tell that from these photos because we stayed out of the direct sun.  Thank goodness this park has a lot of trees!

For upcoming clients: Please pick a photoshoot location that provides plenty of shade.  Not only do kids dislike sun in their eyes, but also, bright sunlight makes everyone squint and casts dark shadows on faces.  Or, we can pray to the Weather Gods for cloudy skies on the day of your shoot, but that may be a little tougher. <:)

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