Parking Lot

I had a good day yesterday.  It all started with my husband letting me sleep in.  With 3 kids, “sleeping in” meant sleeping until 8:30am!  Then my 5-year old son, Ian, came to snuggle with me in bed where we talked about life (well, sort of) and I warmed up his no-longer-small toes.

Then I made my way to my workspace where I read an email from a photographer in NY:



What a mood booster!  My day continued to be a good one because, in the afternoon, I got to see a long-time client, the C Family, for their annual lifestyle photography session!

Here is a peek at their images…

The Light by the Tree

Hide and Seek

I love how Danica is crouched and looking to the side… and there are all these wonderful colors and textures! 

Can you see me?!!

A Good Hiding Spot

Charlie mixes in with the bushes so seamlessly!  heh heh.

Homeward Bound

It was more like parking lot bound, but homeward bound sounds nicer.

Next to the Parking Lot

I always tell my clients:  “Your shoot isn’t over until I’m in the car.”

This is so true.  It is not uncommon for my favorite shots to be taken at the very end of a shoot or even right next to our cars!

At yesterday’s location, there was a little grassy area next to the parking lot.  No one usually goes here, so we had it pretty much all to ourselves.  If shot in the right angle, it looks like a completely different location… like we are in the woods somewhere far away.  Yet, there are hundreds of people around us and a sardine of parked cars behind me!

[It is so heartwarming for me to watch these girls grow!  To think Charlie was the baby Sumo that I shot 2 years ago is beyond me!]

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