The Fetterman’s

Doing a photoshoot of former clients is like seeing old friends.  Today I got to see some old friends… The Fetterman’s.

You may recognize some of these nice people if you’ve been following my blog.  (Click here to see their last photoshoot.)

I did a separate shoot for Sarah, so stay tuned for her Sneak Peek post later!

Here are the siblings having a sweet moment.  I think it’s funny that they’re both holding sticks!


At 2, David finds sticks fascinating, which they are, of course!


I like the contrast between the shiny, brightly colored plastic toy surrounded by the rough, earthy tones of nature.  Even David is wearing earth tones, so at a glance, you only notice the car.

I also like the composition because it puts more of an emphasis on where David is and his action (playing with the car) rather than what he looks like.


This is the funniest photo of the day!


“Where’s your nose?”

I like the warmth of the sun and how it highlights their hair.  I even like the flare.

I also find the photo more interesting than the usual “portrait” because no one is looking at me:  David is looking to his left and Sarah is looking to her right.  All the while, David has smushed his nose completely flat with his finger!


An “artsy” shot — I put that word in quotes because art is in the eye of the beholder!  Not everyone would like this shot, but I love it.  It encapsulates movement around Sarah.


This perspective shows us how grand the trees are!  And David’s expression is adorable!


David Sr. and Summer wanted some professional headshots.  Here are some of my favorites!

This one (below) of David was taken when he was talking to me.  He had a slightly slouched posture.  Just that slight lean makes this portrait more dynamic (as opposed to one where he’s standing).

I also like all the textures — wood and stone — behind him.


A natural shot of David Sr…


I love these shots of Summer.  The lighting was soft and you can see her eyes, which looked like butterscotch!  Now I know where David Jr gets his amazing eyes from!


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