The Landfill Shoot

When you think graffiti, landfill, broken toys, old bottles, and rusty abandoned bikes, “This would be a great location for a family photoshoot” isn’t usually what comes to mind.

It did for Julia and Aaron though, and I’m so thankful for that!  Add bright sun and strong winds to all of this, and you get a hefty challenge that made me excited to dive into.

This little nook is a place Julia and Aaron visit with their furbaby, Georgia, who loves to explore the bend of a hidden path or dip into the bay.  It is where David finds cool sticks and climbs trees with his dad.  It’s where Samara collects wildflowers and draws patterns in the dirt.

Just like life, Art is how you interpret it.

The location was nature’s playground and a haven for modern art created with everyday items.  The sun was a warm blanket on an otherwise cold day.  The family treated their shoot like a regular weekend day, and that allowed for sweet organic moments to unfold.  ❤️

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