Urban Family Photography: Tunnel of Love

This morning’s lifestyle photography was in San Francisco, where there is pretty much every kind of backdrop you can imagine.

We traveled by foot, stroller and glider bike, and ended up with a variety of activities and backgrounds!  Hence, the extra long sneak peek!

Graphic Shapes

Playful Times

Beautiful Light

Delicious glowy light, isn’t it?  Too bad this light quickly changed to super bright, harsh light!

However, just this shot alone made it worth my waking up at the crack of dawn.  I can still hear the rooster!  😉

The Boys

By the way, these may look like still portraits, but in actuality, I was chasing them to get these!

It’s called:  Put on a fast lens and sneakers…and ruuuun!  🙂

Man, those are some big apples!!

Mama Bear with her Boys

Tunnel of Love

Cheesy title?  Oh c’mon, you know you were thinking the same thing!

I knew this would be one of my all-time favorite Couple’s Shots right when I took it.

Now if only we had a babysitter for the kids, we could have taken more than this one shot.  We literally had seconds!  Don’t ask where we put the kids for safety!  Tee hee.

Okay… mental note:  Ask Lili and Eddie to bring a babysitter on their next shoot.  🙂

[In case you’re curious, here was Lili and Eddie’s shoot in December 2009 and June 2009.]

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