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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

When I first started my business, I didn’t plan on selling products at all.  Did you know that?  That’s a little odd, right?!!

A year or two later, I offered prints, with hopes that no one will actually buy any!  At the time, the photoshoots themselves were all that I loved, so that’s all that I wanted to do.  Shoot and burn, they call it.

Now, I feel differently.

I’m still more of a “service-based photographer” than a “product-based photographer”, but I do offer a larger array of products.  I do this because I’ve done years of diligent research, like order prints of the same photo from 10 different labs to compare quality; and now I offer an array of premium products that I am proud of and believe cannot be matched in the market.

I want my clients to have these premium products, so they can be proud of them and feel happy when they look at them!

Accordian Fun Books

I switched companies this year because these accordian books allow me to put an image on it.

The cover has this lustrous texture that I just want to touch.  No kidding, I even went around my house making everyone touch it because it was so cool!

It also comes built with a hidden magnetic closure, so the books can stay closed and protected.

Specialty Frames

Only since 2014 did I add a small collection of frame styles to my product list.  The one shown below is one I have on my wall at home, and I look at it every day.  What can I say?  It brings me joy!

These Specialty Frames are unique and chic.


Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

I also switched canvas companies this year.  My canvases now come slightly thinner (the wooden frame is about 1 1/4″ thick instead of 1 1/2″), which makes it lighter and easier to hang.

Another difference is this gorgeous back!

Instead of a dust cover, which is a piece of paper that keeps the dust from getting trapped behind the canvas, this company uses a thick board.  It is studier and has a cleaner finish.

My favorite part of these canvases (and the main reason why I switched companies) is because of the tightly wrapped corners.

Standout Mounts

I haven’t changed companies for my standout mounts since I first started offering them many years ago because “you don’t fix what ain’t broke”!  (Notice how the photo below has my old logo?  Ha!)

These standout mounts are the best.  They are the only ones with a hard edge rather than a foam one.  I see this as a modern take on the gallery-wrapped canvas.

Click here for more info about my standout mounts.

Metal Prints

Images printed on metal instead of paper.  Need I say more?  Click here for more info about metal prints.

Proof Books

I blogged about this not long ago, but I really can’t say enough good things about these proof books.

I love the binding and that each image is printed on individual sheets rather than large sheets with a collection of small images.  These little cuties act more like brag books after you’ve made your order, so they have two roles!

Fine Art Books

After years of research, I found this book company that I love.  Years after that, I have seen more album companies, and this is still my favorite!

The feel and thickness of the pages not only make this Fine Art Book luxurious, but also, modern.


Products That Bring You Joy

My spending philosophy:  save money on the things that are easily substitutable and splurge on the things that bring joy to your heart.

Whether they are books you can flip through, a Happy Wall that you walk past every day, or one ginormous canvas in your entryway, choose to have physical products from your photoshoots because there is something really special in having tangible Art than leaving them as digital files on your computer.

[Notes:  Starting in 2014, I no longer sell CDs, which is shown in the client order photo above.  I now offer USB Drives made of metal and bamboo!]

[Specialty Frames and Fine Art Books were added to this blog post in June 2015.]

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