Yaz and His Family

I took Brayden and Tyler’s photos last Winter, so it was awesome to see how much they’ve grown in 5 months.  Tyler can now walk!  And Brayden’s face is that of an older boy and he’s taller.

Another difference from last time is that we’ve included Yaz, their “furry baby”, as Andra calls him!

I had lots of fun taking Yaz’s portrait, as you will see below!  This is why I’ve titled this blog post with Yaz’s name (hee hee).  (And don’t worry, R Family… I will have more photos of PEOPLE in your gallery!)

Here are some of my favorites from this morning’s hot hot photoshoot…  (It was 97 degrees at 9:30am!)

Yaz’s profile, tongue included.


Watching and waiting.

This was also an equestrian trail.



I love this angle of Yaz.  You really notice all the different shapes… his curved pink tongue, his upside-down “w” nose, his curled ears, the wrinkle lines on his head.

See why I took so many photos of him?  He is so handsome and interesting!


Caught in the act!

I caught Brayden just as he put one foot over the fence when he was climbing it!

He is a great runner and climber, and of course I had to capture those moments on camera!


The eyes have it.

I like this photo of Andra because it looks dreamy and soft, and it captured the smile in her eyes.

By the way, Andra was standing on the bridge while watching Ty Ty; she was not posing.  (Gorgeous people look good even when they’re just casually standing around!)


The 3 boys.

I focused on Yaz, which I think makes this image more interesting.

Also, this photo depicts Ty and Brayden’s personalities, which gives it a photojournalist edge.  Ty is very sweet and would gently pet Yaz whenever he was near him.  Brayden was more interested in his next adventure, which is why you see him at the edge of the bridge.  He wanted to look over the bridge to see what was lurking in the stream below or throw rocks to see the big splash.


One of my favorite shots of the family. (For photographers:  Since we were in the open shade, their skin tones were a little bluish, so I warmed it up during the post-process editing, which looks great with the sunlight beaming through on the left of Andra and Brayden.  Sometimes you don’t have time to tweak the white balance on your camera because kids, dogs, and even some adults can’t wait for you!  I’m definitely a shoot-from-the-hip kind of photographer.  I shoot fast and loose to make sure I capture all the moments big and small.)


Some serious grazing!

Lawrence (my hubs) thinks I shouldn’t have more individual photos of the dog than the kids, but I must share another one with you!  I can’t explain why, but this photo tickles my ribs!   😀

Yaz is eating grass and he is very focused on this, as you can see because one eye is closed and his jaws are working really hard.  Maybe it’s just me, but I love this one!


Boys will be boys.

I have more photos of the boys’ backs than their fronts, especially of Brayden who loves to run!  (My little dude is the same way.  Hey, whatever makes them sleep better is fine by me!)

The reason why I wanted to share this photo is:

1)  The awesome bridge with all the funky shadows, and 2) you can tell, even from behind, the developmental stage of each boy based on the way they are running!  You can tell the boy in front (Brayden) is an experienced runner because he is so far ahead and how his arms are bent and his back leg is raised so high.  And you can tell that the boy in the back (Ty) hasn’t been running for very long because his head is pointed at the ground and the straight positioning of his arms.  I love that such a simple photo can tell a story.


I used a wide angle to get the appearance that Yaz is larger than he is.  It almost looks like Yaz is the one pulling Steve rather than Steve holding Yaz back.

In this photo, I don’t mind the direct sunlight because it gives this image a more edgy feel with the great contrast and I also dig the long shadows.


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