Newborn Photography: Ellie at 3 Days

Here is an incredible timeline:

Friday 11/16:  Ellie’s Due Date

Thursday 11/29:  Ellie’s actual birth (Notice this is 2 weeks after her due date!)

Saturday 12/1:  Ellie left the hospital

Sunday 12/2:  Ellie had her Newborn Shoot!!!!

As anyone would expect, Michele (Ellie’s mommy) and I were pretty enthusiastic about Ellie’s arrival, so we had her photoshoot as early as possible.  Rain or shine.  And trust me, it RAINED HARD!  (So hard that my other 2 shoots were rescheduled!)

My Youngest Client Ever

Let’s get to the good stuff.  Meet Ellie, my youngest client ever, and her very proud and loving family….

I love the color and texture contrast.

I don’t think any woman is supposed to look THIS good 3 days after giving birth!

Oh my goodness.  Ellie has the poutiest pink lips ever!

With Ellie’s birth, Kate is now a Big Sister!  Woot woot!

Now this is pure joy and love!

Ellie is dreaming of cold milk or that she is trapped in a Tundra!  hee hee.

Okay, she hopefully doesn’t feel that cold.  Al and Michele kept the rooms toasty for Ellie.  I do wonder what babies dream about to produce these great faces though!

Michele’s first full day home with Ellie meant she could focus on all of Ellie’s amazingness!  (I’m making that a word!)

Christmas came early for the T family.  Or is it that Thanksgiving came late?!!  Either way, Ellie is a precious gift of love.

[Click here to see photos from Michele’s Maternity Shoot from this September or their very first shoot with me from 2009!]

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  1. Dot Kwok

    Ming Ling and Albert,

    The photos of your family are outstanding. Ellie seems so happy and content. Kate is so proud to be a big sister. Both of you are supremely joyous. Congratulations, Grani

  2. omigoodness! what wonderful images! i’ve been checking and checking, in anticipation of this blog! the timeline is amazing! but then again, so are mommy and daddy! big congrats, A, M and K!! can’t wait to meet your new bundle of preciousness!

  3. Cecilia But

    It’s kinda an amazing moment that precious images of your family pop up right on the screen. I am so happy to hear good news about you every time I met Principal Wong. It is kind of serendipity that we re-connect again on the web.
    While cherishing our childhood memory at Heep Woh, I ‘d like to congratulate you on the arrival of new family member.
    Best wishes ever,

  4. Julie, John, Oliver, Emily & Evelyn

    Such beautiful photos of such beautiful people! Love it! Hugs and kisses and cheers to the newest member of the family! We can’t wait til you’re old enough to play with us!