Home Is Where The Heart Is

Sunday’s Bay Area lifestyle family photography session was at my client’s new home.  They just moved to the suburbs from their beloved city of San Francisco, so this was a big adjustment.  Though perhaps missing a few of the city’s amenities, there is much to be desired in the ‘burbs when you have kids!  No matter what your address is (or isn’t), it’s true that “home is where the heart is”.

For The S Family, their home is wherever they are… as long as they are together.

Eddie, Lili, Sammy and Benji:  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!  ~Annie

If you wanted to view their previous shoots, you’ll get a sense of how much The S Family lived and loved in San Francisco:  A Day in the Life, Tunnel of Love, Urban Mama has her Baby, and If I Go Into Labor During the Shoot.

If you wanted to view a full client gallery, The S Family’s shoot from last year happens to be one of my featured galleries, so click here to check it out!

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